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Probate & Administration Intake Form


Your Details

Deceased’s Details

Executor’s details

Testamentary guardian of minor children

Beneficiaries of the Will

Will Witnesses

Assets (excluding superannuation and life insurance)



Life Insurance

Deceased’s employer

Deceased’s accountant

Check list for appointment

Deceased’s last Will (Original)

Death Certificate (Original) 

Your Identification (Original Driver’s Licence and Passport) 

Title deeds in the deceased’s name (Original)

Registration certificates of any vehicles in the deceased’s name 

Recent statements of any bank accounts in the deceased’s name

Recent statements of any credit cards in the deceased’s name

Recent statements from superannuation/ insurance funds 

Share certificates of any holdings in the deceased’s name 

Trust deeds of any trust that the deceased was a beneficiary or trustee 

Trust/ company financial statements 

Copy of the deceased’s last tax return

Copy of any recent correspondence from Centrelink or Veterans Affairs 

Anything else that may be of testamentary value (e.g. a letter/ list left with the will, an unsigned will)